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We live in an alienating world - lacking in expression and connection. Direct eye-contact is absent even in a personal encounters - The screens that surrounds us create mental noise, and destruct intimate relationships. We wonder around in the world lonely, searching for security, balance, and substitutes for solace. We've got no choice but to count on a small and personal idolic representation, that comes to life in holy objects. The project comes to re-illuminate the place that spells and magic practices could have in our lives, subject that was condemned in the past, and was regarded as being silly and irrelevant by the scientific approach. In the overflow of stimulation and stress of the modern world, we wish to come back to our senses, and connect with our intuitions and nature. From this insight, the project offer plants, and the traditional spells regarding them, as an opportunity from therapy and healing. The guide addresses emotion and intuition, and presents plants as miraculous and enigmatic objects, and creates a magical and mysterious experience.

Final project Lecturer: Orit Bergman
Visual Communication Departemnt
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design